What is Direct Effects?

Direct Effects ™ is a ground-breaking patented method of delivering neuro-active drugs, traditional pharmaceuticals as well as herbal and natural compounds such as CBD/cannabidiol and other cannabinoids, to treat brain and peripheral neuropathic conditions without systemic effects. This not only reduces potential side effects and drug interactions of systemic bloodstream dependent therapy, but therapeutic benefits are realized well within 10-15 minutes as direct nerve connections are involved.


In the 30 different compounds tested to date with the Direct Effects ™ technology, the time to achieve benefit was the same, alluding to the fact that our peripheral nerve conduction back to the central nervous system, CNS, is about the same for all individuals. With oral and other systemic deliveries relying on blood; one has to consider gastrointestinal transit, absorption, liver first pass metabolism, heart function, and other blood flow factors which differ from person to person, and even, from time to time. Further, there is also no potential for overdose as drug blood levels are non-existent or negligible.


Patented Breakthroughs

Dr. Aung-Din has been granted 13 US and foreign patents related to DirectEffects delivery. Of particular significance are 5 recent USPTO patented breakthroughs.


#1: CBD/cannabinoids in humans



#2: Using CBD/cannabinoids in animals/veterinary medicine


#3: Using CBD/cannabinoids combined with a traditional pharmaceutical agent


#4: Using CBD/cannabinoids combined with another therapeutic herbal/natural compound

#5: Using the non-cannabis cannabinoid-receptor agonist, caryophyllene

*Particularly useful for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain conditions. It also avoids the stigma and misconceptions still existing with CBD and other traditional cannabis products. Caryophyllene is derived from essential oil extracts of such innocuous substances such as African Black pepper, cloves, and lavender.



So why is Direct Effects a better solution?

Direct Effects™ improves the effectiveness of an active drug

For drugs with high activity but poor distribution, Direct Effects follows natural nerve pathways to the target tissue allowing for smaller doses and symptom relief in minutes, instead of hours.

Direct Effects™ vastly reduces side effects

Most side effects from traditional drug delivery results from drug’s impact on non-targeted tissue. Direct Effects does not distribute throughout body vastly reducing exposure to drug toxicities.

Direct Effects™ has a rapid onset

The use of the Direct Effects™ Topical Drug Therapy has shown symptom reduction in as little as 10-15 minutes in Parkinson’s Disease, Migraine Headache, Analgesia and Muscle Spasticity using a variety of currently available pharmacologic agents. Oral administration of these same drugs can take hours or even days to achieve pharmacologic actions.

Direct Effects™ enhances overall efficacy

Anecdotal and observational data have shown impressive results in reducing tremors, rigidity and other standard metrics in Parkinson’s disease. Substantial reductions in pain scores and other neurological symptoms have been observed in migraine headache patients. Vast reductions in muscular rigidity have been noted with the use of the system in muscular spasticity. These effects will be quantified and stratified as the system is further studied through traditional clinical trials.

Direct Effects™ reduces adverse effects

It is logical that avoiding systemic exposure to a neuro-affective agent would reduce adverse events. Experience with the Direct Effects™ Topical Drug Therapy has so far produced targeted symptom reduction without significant adverse events. This advantage is believed to hold promise not only by improving the overall quality of life of patients exposed to such agents but also by making many drugs available that are currently limited by tolerability of their systemic adverse effects.

Direct Effects™ reduces total dose exposure

The ideal pharmacologic agent would use only the minimum amount of drug necessary to achieve the targeted effect. With oral and intravascular administration of drugs this is not possible due to the normal functions of absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion. In traditional drug administration non-targeted tissue can be impacted often resulting in unwanted side-effects. In some cases, the drug can even become toxic to non-targeted tissue resulting in long term damage to the body. Further, the excretion of pharmacologic agents has been found responsible for increasing levels of toxins in our water supply. The Direct Effect’s™ Topical Drug Therapy is believed to introduce the neuro-affective agent directly into nerve tissue resulting in much lower dosing and possibly eliminating or vastly reducing excreted drug components.

So why is Direct Effects a better solution?


June 2014 started CBD DIRECT EFFECTS™ Therapy: 2x/day.

Seizure free over 3 years Remains on Vimpat; Onfi dose reduced by half.

June 2015 Repeat EEG improved: no longer seizure potential. Doing well and graduated college. Wants to go into politics.